Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Acherontia lachesis returns at shirt.woot

I decided that I just hadn't done enough with the Death's Head Moth design I did sometime ago (and comprises a bit of the header image above), so I redid the entire thing in a tribal tattoo fashion. Initially, I made it a one color, light blue on asphalt image. It looked nice, but just didnt have enough pop. So I branched out a bit and made it really come alive. The coloring on the second version (red, orange, and yellow on black) really shines and gives it a 3D effect.

It was entered into the shirt.woot tattoo derby last week and came in 11th. However, the very cool Adam "Ape Lad" Koford was asked to guest pick Honorable Mention designs and selected mine, which is really awesome! I really appreciate it.

So that makes five entries for the upcoming Do-over Derby, that should be one of the next few.

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