Thursday, January 29, 2009

Double Take Derby #4

Well the next do-over derby is finally here and I've got three entries in it this time.

Excellent news! Woot has chosen the "thrifty fill-up" design as Editor's Choice and printed it for sale starting 2/10!


  1. This shirt ruined woot for me. Now every time i think about buying a shirt i think well it's certainly not as good as the bear fighting the robot. Any chance of it printing anywhere?

  2. Thanks for the comment - I will be shopping the design around to see if anyone wants to print it. If someone does I'll post it up here!

  3. This reminds me a bit of "His Dark materials"
    I like it.

  4. I have been waiting for the bear vx bacteriophage shirt ever since you first posted it... By far the greatest shirt ever on woot, and same as bearded lobster, I nearly have lost all interest in woot since seeing this awesomeness passed by.

    please post here when it gets printed somewhere.